Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Chakras - Spinning Energy Centers. 
Yoga centers the body by holding different postures that connect with the chakras.

If a Chakra becomes blocked, specific emotional and physical problems begin.

To heal the body, mind and spirit, is to bring the chakras into alignment and balance.

Chakras - their Color Frequencies and Vibration:

RED - C: Base/Kumdalini/Root Chakra - Located at the base of the spine.
This chakra grounds us in the physical, related to security and survival. 

ORANGE - D: Spleen Chakra - Located beneath the navel.
Home of creativity, sexuality, hormones and reproduction. Blockages manifest as such.

YELLOW - E: Solar Plexis - related to the pancreas and outer adrenal glands
The seat of our emotions. Blockages manifest as anger, sense of victimization, poor me, resentment.

GREEN - F: Heart Chakra - related to the Thymus.
Blockages manifest as heart or immune system problems, lack of compassion.

BLUE - G: Throat Chakra - Parallel to the thyroid gland.
Communication. Blockages manifest as such.

INDIGO - A: Third Eye Chakra - Linked to the Pineal Gland.
Connected to the higher self and psychic abilities.

PURPLE - B: Crown Chakra - Located at top of head.
Connection to higher spiritual realms