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Sister Ceo: the Black Woman's Guide to Starting Your Own Business

by Broussard, Cheryl D.

Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Viking Adult
Date published: 
ISBN-13: 9780670871445
ISBN: 0670871443

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Power Of Words

You have heard the saying, “You will eat your words.”  That phrase stems from the book of Proverbs – chapter 18.  Verse 20 and 21 say this,
From the fruit of their mouth a person’s stomach is filled; with the harvest of their lips they are satisfied.  The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.
Words have the power of life and death.  The way you use them will have a profound impact on the climate of your life.

5 Suggestions for Using Your Words Wisely

  1. Words can define the culture and tone of your family, business, etc. – Do you affirm the behavior that you want to see more of?  Do you praise your kids?  Does your wife know how beautiful she is to you?  Or do you criticize and tear down?  The words you use will absolutely set the tone of your business or family.  Don’t be the guy who complains all the time and wonders why his company has a negative culture.
  2. Gossip is a cancer – Gossip ruins culture.  It is a sign of cowardice.  It disrespects everyone involved.  Don’t allow it – period.
  3. Beware of joking and teasing – This is a sensitive subject for me as I have wounded many people by what I believed was innocent teasing.  Teasing destroys trust and breaks down communication.  It can strike at the insecurities of a person’s heart.  I grew up pretending like teasing didn’t bother me.  It did.  As a result, I kept everyone at a distance.  This wound impacted my relationship with my friends, my parents, and even my marriage.  It is something I’ve had to work through.  Be very careful with innocent teasing.
  4. Be intentional with your words – Some of us are naturally very thoughtful with our words.  Some of us are not.  I encourage you to understand the truth that King Solomon wrote about in the proverb above.  Words have the power of life and death.  Think about the good you can do with your words.  If you don’t, your words will control you.  And you will reap what you sow.  Use your words to bless and encourage.  Speak the truth in love.
  5. Silence – This is my challenge to you.  Build times of silence into your day.  We are bombarded with so much noise all day long that it is difficult to think.  A friend of mine said this morning, “The person who doesn’t know how to be silent doesn’t know who to speak.”  Those in my life that give life with their words are thoughtful.  They have these times in their day when they are silent.  Try it.

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There are currently over 1 billion mobile workersacross the globe.

And, if you’re reading this right now, you are likely one of us…or, you will be one day soon.  While we represent a diverse cross section of industries and job functions, we share a common trait – we are leaving “work” to get work done.  On any given day, we have abandoned our conventional home or corporate office and can be found working at a 3rdplace.  It might be the coffee shop across the street, a hotel room in a distant city, a coworking space or office center downtown, or a colleague’s empty conference room.
The real breakthrough here is that WE are choosing how and where we work.   And, only WE can understand what will make us most productive, today, this hour.   Are you hungry for more social interaction this morning?  Pack the notebook and finish that report in a favorite cafĂ©.  Client just canceled your afternoon appointment?  Spend an extra hour working in the hotel business center.  Do you have an important customer presentation tomorrow?  Reserve the boardroom in the Office Center.
These can all be great places.  Collectively they represent a new and smarter workspace ecosystem, with the new dimension of personal choice.
That’s why we developed LiquidSpace.  To let you navigate this workspace ecosystem and find a great space to work, now.

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No matter the difficulties you may be facing in life, Scientology offers answers.
It provides an exact technology with step-by-step procedures you can use to handle problems and better your life and the lives of those around you.
The Scientology Online Courses are based on the principles from the Scientology Handbook. By studying these courses you can learn:

Scientology offers practical solutions to help you improve conditions in your life and the lives of those around you.
All the practical techniques used by Volunteer Ministers are drawn from the chapters of The Scientology Handbook. Combined, these chapters provide all the tools you need to confront and resolve virtually any life situation―from ending marital strife to recovering a friend from drugs to managing a company for optimum success.
In order to make these chapters and the technology they contain as available as possible, courses covering each individual chapter are now available in a free, easy-to-use online format, supervised by trained professionals.
The online course and the materials you need are our gifts to you, which you can start using today. We sincerely hope you enjoy your course.
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"A culture is as rich and as capable of surviving as it has imaginative artists. The artist is looked upon to start things. The artist injects the spirit of life into a culture. And through his creative endeavors, the writer works continually to give tomorrow a new form.

"In these modern times, there are many communication lines for works of art. Because a few works of art can be shown so easily to so many, there may even be fewer artists. The competition is very keen and even dagger sharp.
"It is with this in mind that I initiated a means for new and budding writers to have a chance for their creative efforts to be seen and acknowledged."

L. Ron Hubbard, 1983 


From the start of his own illustrious writing career, L. Ron Hubbard offered practical advice based on hard earned knowledge about the writer's craft to others seeking to enter the profession. Shortly after launching his own meteoric rise as an author of popular fiction, he was back at universities such as Harvard and George Washington lecturing to students and offering practical advice about how to make the jump from literary courses to professional writing careers.

In 1935, at only twenty-four, he was elected president of the prestigious New York Chapter of the American Fiction Guild. During his tenure Ron initiated a much needed campaign to attract new and as yet unpublished writers to the Guild while never hesitating to provide new members with all-important introductions to established editors and publishers. He was also the author of how-to articles for magazines such as Writer's Review, Writer's Digest and Author and Journalist which were filled with practical advice and examples, and continue to be used today in writers' workshops and seminars.

In 1940, while hosting a radio show in Alaska, he initiated the Golden Pen Writing Contest for which he put up the prize money and judged the stories.

Many years later in 1983—as the culmination of his life-long commitment to helping other writers—L. Ron Hubbard established what has become the hallmark discovery vehicle for the best new writers of speculative fiction, the Writers of the Future Contest. The stacks of envelopes containing new stories by entrants display postage of every English-speaking country and many that speak other languages. Age is not a factor. Contestants have ranged from eleven years to seventy-five. Backgrounds and occupations are equally diverse. Doctors, lawyers, truck drivers, housewives, factory workers, farmers, dentists, students and professors are just a few of the occupations represented among the thousands of aspiring entrants. Command of the language varies from fledgling and tentative to the highest echelons of sophistication; but every entrant shares a common characteristic—the urge to tell a story that is a work of narrative skill.

In 1988, under L. Ron Hubbard's inspiration, a companion contest for new illustrators was founded to encourage the speculative fiction artist, in much the same way the writers' contest has done for authors. Winning illustrators take the winning stories and illustrate them for the annual anthology, L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future.

Both contests are judged by top writers and illustrators of speculative fiction who contribute their time and experience to identifying and encouraging novice writers and illustrators of talent. In addition to quarterly prizes, which earn significant cash prizes, Grand Prize winners receive $4,000 and the L. Ron Hubbard Gold Award trophy.

Administered by ASI, on behalf of L. Ron Hubbard, the Writers of the Future and Illustrators of the Future Contests have provided encouragement and opportunity to novice writers and artists for more than a decade. More than that, they have provided a springboard for many of the most promising writers and illustrators—new talents whose gifts will shape the literary and artistic forms of the new century. The contests are a wellspring of creativity that has inspired a generation of creative writers and artists. Winners of the Writers of the Future Contest alone have gone on to sell well over two hundred fifty novels and more than two thousand five-hundred short stories. Entrants who have never won also point to their participation in the contest as the driving force that speeded their entry into the professional ranks.

For more information please

Writers of the Future article:
© 1985 L. Ron Hubbard Library

Upcoming Seminar

Silva Life System

Upcoming Seminar in Daytona Beach, Florida


November 9 2013 to November 10 2013

Why Silva is a Unique Experience

Time Tested and Continuously Refined for 50 Years

Jose Silva first began his research into the human mind in the 1950s. His original class made waves across the world. The New York times article below talks about one such class by Jose Silva, all the way back in 1972.
Back then, Silva’s classes were focused on self-improvement techniques like curing headaches, sleep control, relaxation. The world was not yet ready to be introduced to concepts like mind-body healing, remote viewing, the mind influencing matter and other phenemonon that have only recently been proven by scientist like Hal Puthoff, William Braud, Jahne and Dunne and others.
So Jose Silva marketed his seminars to a skeptical American public as a self-improvement seminar similar to modern seminars like Tony Robbins and other motivational gurus.
After 40 years of refining and developing his training, in the 1990s, Jose Silva had an ephiphany—and move his seminars into the next level of human mind development. This, he called the Life System Seminar.

Silva Life System is the first part of our flagship live seminar course. SLS teaches you specialized techniques to put yourself in greater contact with your true potential by training you to use guided imagery and focused awareness to achieve your goals. Topics covered include habit control, accelerated learning, intuition, healing and more.
Simply and clearly, you are taught how to calm your self, to tune out the static of everyday challenges, and to open untapped aspects of your mentality. The Method is a form of modern-day meditation that is directed to make you a fuller, better, more enriched individual, ready to cope with and surmount any obstacle in your path. Silva Life System also serves as your foundation for the subsequent advanced programs.

Silva Method Seminars

Boost Creativity With The Alpha Level

How do some people pull incredibly creative ideas seemingly out of thin air? Learn how the creative mind really works, and how it’s possible to train your mind for enhanced creativity on demand.

The Silva Method


For over 5 decades the Silva Method has helped millions of people around the world achieve their highest potential by working with the mind. By expanding the mind’s capabilities through meditation, creative visualization, mental exercises, and self-improvement, graduates of the Silva Method have gained profound achievements and lasting transformation in their lives.
The Silva Method encompasses a variety of powerful exercises that take you deep into Alpha and Theta levels of the mind so that you can work within your subconscious as well as your conscious mind. This is one of the key reasons why the Silva Method is able to help, empower, and uplift people. Silva graduates have experienced significant positive change in their health, finances, emotional well being, and relationships.
So if you’re in a funk or looking to achieve your wildest, biggest, most outrageous goals, the Silva Method is a wonderful place to start.
For more information on the Silva Method, visit » Or connect with the Silva Method on:

1 2 3 Launch!

How To Get Any JobLaunch Your Life

Stephen Colbert was a philosophy major; YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley was an art major. If you think your college major will determine your life path, think again. This streamlined edition refocuses the emphasis from job search to life launch for readers under 30 who are more attracted to achieving balanced life goals than career advancement. For those who want more than just a job, this book provides practical strategies for building a great and rewarding life.

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Do You Have A Global Skillset?

Do You Have the Global Skillset?
by Donald Asher 
Colleges are doing more than ever to increase the global sophistication of their students. For example, although it is located far from any national border The University of Tennessee has adopted the motto, “Ready for the World.” Their MBAs are required to conduct a major team project abroad, and plans are underway for undergraduates to have a similar requirement.  Duke University launched DukeEngage in 2007, a program that actually funds students to get involved in service activities all around the globe. Rollins College now requires faculty to travel abroad once every three years, to increase their knowledge of the world and, presumably, to transfer their increased global sophistication to their students in class. Sally Blount-Lyon, dean of the NYU Stern School of Business Undergraduate College, recently wrote a much-noticed editorial for arguing “International Study Shouldn’t Be Elective.” According to the Forum on Education Abroad, 75% of member institutions are actively trying to increase the number of students they send abroad, in spite of the economic downturn.
So what are these students supposed to be gaining from this exposure to other cultures? Some ability to be effective in the new world economy, an economy driven by technology and borderless organizations, one may presume. In this generation, even workers who never leave Peoria, Illinois, may have colleagues in The Philippines or Singapore or Peru with whom they have to work on a daily basis.
These new workers will need a more global skillset than the one required by their predecessors. In an attempt to learn exactly what that skillset might look like, I went out and found people who have been successful in assignments all over the world, and asked their opinion. First, you have to let go of your preconceptions of the place and culture you are going to visit, says Bradley A. Feuling, CEO of Kong and Allan, a logistics consulting firm with offices in the U.S. and in Shanghai, China. “I see that many people from more developed countries still see international work as bringing their lifestyle abroad, as opposed to allowing their lifestyle to be influenced by their abroad surroundings,” observes Mr. Feuling, who chooses to be based in China.
He recommends that you set aside your expectations, and find a strong local partner and teacher to help you learn about the new culture and its business practices. “I would argue that a new skillset is developing, which is crosscultural and multi-geographical project management. This applies to global managers who are overseeing functions in multiple parts of the world. Here a complexity is added, that makes a person’s adaptability and flexibility more dynamic,” he continues. “These individuals must have strong project management skills and diverse cultural knowledge.”
Michael D. Babbitt concurs. About to leave on assignment to Asia with a multinational bank, he has worked before in Spain, Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, Panama, Thailand, Ireland, Belgium, and The Netherlands in stints lasting from two years to one week. He cautions that protocols can get subtle, and may be counterintuitive. First of all, never assume that people in the room don’t speak English, even if they use an interpreter. And you have to be very sensitive to who is on home turf and who is a guest, and who is selling and who is acting as a customer. “There definitely are nuances, things you do differently,” he says. “For example, you don’t bow to someone outside of Asia, even when meeting an Asian, unless you know them and have a history with them, in which case you may exchange bows. It gets complicated.”
Mr. Babbitt believes the days when Americans could ignore local customs and fail to prepare for international travel are over. “America is great,” he says, “but the rest of the world is catching up, and if you want to do business with other people, you have to speak and interact in a respectful way. This is critical to having successful actions in business and in private, when you’re abroad.” While working for an international bank, Mr. Babbitt spent three weeks preparing for each one-week trip. “If you are calling on them in their country, you are expected to know something about their culture and how things are done. I would look at the local market, and know which executives and whom I was to call on. It was more than just cultural preparation. I was getting ready to build relationships.”
Language skills are also key, says Babbitt, who became fluent in Spanish, and taught himself some local words and phrases wherever he was assigned.
Samir Prakash Sahoo also believes languages are the ultimate key to international success. Now an MBA student in the Midwest, he was most recently a marine engineer for Chevron’s international tanker fleet. “Officers were Italian, Danish, Scandinavian, Filipino, Turkish, British, Indian, or Asian, and the crew was usually Indian and Filipino. There were always a lot of languages on the boat, but English was the official language, even for the crew.” In spite of that, languages were critical for success off the boat. He had to engage with suppliers, engineers, and technical consultants in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, China, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, and South Africa, where conversations might start in English and then veer off into any of a dozen languages.
“You can do business anywhere in the world. You just need to learn a few languages, such as Spanish, French, Italian, or Chinese—at least Spanish and Chinese, and maybe French,” says Mr. Sahoo. Some might add Arabic and Japanese to this list. “Obviously you have to be fluent in English. Apart from that, you should be tolerant of different cultures, and have a strong curiosity to learn. You can’t impose your own culture on others. You can observe and pick up a lot by interacting with other people. It’s very exciting. [People] are very different in their living and working styles. I think you have to read about others’ cultures, have a foundation of how people live and think in different areas of the world. Then, I would say that someone falls into the category of being a person who would find it very easy to do business anywhere in the world.”
So how would you get started building a global skillset? First, you need to become business proficient in a market language. Take two or more years of foreign language. Study abroad for a full semester, not just a short “exposure” experience. Get an internship abroad, if you can at all, and then try very, very hard to get an offshore assignment for your first job out of college. A search on “internships abroad” will turn up over half a million opportunities. To learn about transnational opportunities and foreign hiring practices, the best place to go is, a web site run by Mary Anne Thompson, who is also the author of The Global Resume and CV Guide and a companion series, Going Global Career Guides. Also, to find the U.S. headquarters of foreign companies, use the Directory of Foreign Firms Operating in the United States. To find the offshore headquarters of U.S. based multinationals, use the Directory of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries.
It’s a brave new world out there, and your best future may be borderless.
Donald Asher is the author of eleven books on careers and higher education, including How to Get Any Job: Life Launch and Re-Launch for Everyone Under 30; Graduate Admissions Essays (the best-selling guide to the graduate admissions process); Who Gets Promoted, Who Doesn’t, and Why (named 2008 Business Book of the Year); Cracking the Hidden Job Market; and The Overnight Resume: Fastest Way to Your Next Job. He speaks at over 100 colleges and universities annually on career topics. He welcomes your comments at or see his web site © 2010 Asher Associates.

© 2012 Asher Associates. Permission for any individual to use as needed. For institutional or company permission, contact Permission Editor, Lisa Bertschi, Also see for more useful articles.

Donald Asher is a nationally known speaker and writer on the topics of careers and higher education. He is the author of eleven books, includingGraduate Admissions Essays, 3rd ed., Ten Speed Press, the best-selling guide to the graduate admissions process; The Overnight Resume: Fastest Way to Your Next Job; How to Get Any Job: Life Launch and Re-Launch for Everyone Under 30; Cracking the Hidden Job Market, and Who Gets Promoted, Who Doesn’t, and Why. He welcomes your comments or see his web site at © 2010 Asher Associates.

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And the antidote to envy is.......

To envy is human. But envy robs us of so many possibilities including:
  • Achievement.
  • Peace.
  • Humility.
  • Connection.
  • Happiness.
  • Our best thinking, our best work, our best life.
So how do we get past our feelings of envy? To explore this, we need to think about what's going on when we experience envy. Envy occurs when we compare ourselves to others and when we feel unsatisfied, outdone, or a lack of confidence. Comparison and regret.
What's the antidote, then? You can't make a chocolate cake without chocolate. Remove either the comparison or the regret and you will prevent envy. And here is a fool proof way to quickly transition out of feelings of envy.
Become a fan. Instead of comparing yourself to someone else, show admiration. Give congratulations. Take the initiative to show support. Don't do this for show, become a fan for real. Shift your thinking from regret to being a fan and you will zap envy in its tracks. It can happen very quickly but only if you are sincere.
Envy is a killer. Envy will get in the way of your goals and dreams. Make it go away. Poof!

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Innovation Is the Power to Redefine the Industry
For any organization, innovation represents not only the opportunity to grow and survive but also the opportunity to significantly influence the direction of the industry.
Apple Computers took the industry by surprise when it launched iTunes and iPod, not so much because these were innovations that nobody had ever thought of before
in the PC arena. Instead, it was the strategy of combining technology change and business model change into a one­two innovation punch. And the iTunes/iPod
combination is only starting to generate new concepts; one of the latest is an iPod special edition with U2 (the famous rock band), which opens up rich partnership
opportunities with content providers. Apple has put its mark again on the direction of the PC industry—a mark that will be tough to erase.

Making Innovation Work : How to Manage It, Measure It, and Profit From It
Book Jacket
Davila, Tony
Epstein, Marc J.
Shelton, Robert D.
Publication Information:
Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Wharton School Pub. 2006
Organizational change--Management
Technological innovations--Management
Industrial management
BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Structural Adjustment
Related ISBNs:
9780131497863. 9780132044882.

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Career Coaching

Life-Coach Consulting
Location: Redlands CA
Specialty: People in career or life transition.  Mentoring other coaches. Small business ownersand entrepreneurs.  Busy professionals who want a life! Scientifically validated DISC and Values assessments.
Almeda Discount: I am happy to offer a free 30-45 minute telephone consultation without obligation, and a 10% discount of negotiated fees to your alumni.

LifeTrek, Inc.
Location: Bexley, OH 
Specialty: We work with people in career transition, both up the ladder and out of corporate life. For those seeking new direction, we use an approach developed at the Harvard School of Business. For those seeking promotion and advancement, we use individual telephone coaching over a 3 to 6 month time period. Many clients get great results in that period of time. They often benefit from our relationship with an executive search firm.
Almeda Discount: Almeda graduates get a first-month discount of $50.

Par Excellence Coaching
Specialties: Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Career Options, International Business/Cultures, Staff/Management, Executive Coaching
Communications, Corporate Culture Change
Location: Brookline MA
Almeda Discount: Negotiable
Wondrance Coaching and Consulting
Location: New York NY
specialty: People who are just starting a career. People in career transition. People who want to start their own business. People who are high achievers and want even greater success. People who want to have a better balance between work and home life.
Almeda Discount: free initial consultation and 10% discount.

Thrive with ADD
Location: New York, NY
specialty: Coaching Adults with ADD - AD/HD.
Almeda Discount: My usual fees are $125 for 45-minute sessions and $150 for 60 minutes. I will offer graduates a 20-minute-hour free coaching session about ADD as it relates to their job search or career choices. 
Hunter Coaching and Consulting
Location: East Troy,  WI 
specialty: Career transitions, life balance, Career Planning, Coaching Employees, Decision Making, Getting Organized, Goal Setting, Leadership/Vision, Market Planning, Motivation of Employees, Personal Leadership, Public Speaking, Self-Confidence, Strategic Planning, Time Management, Training and Development
Almeda Discount: $300 a month discounted to $250 a month for graduates and alumni of Almeda University
Clear Intentions
Location: Pittsburgh,  PA  15232
Specialty: people in career transitions, including finding a new career or maximizing current career options, peak performance and effectiveness coaching, time management, life balance, leadership, manifestations of goals i.e. goal identification and completion, project management, strategic planning
Almeda Discount: I am happy to offer discounts to your students. This may include a fee reduction, a free month of coaching or other agreements. Each case is individual.

TouchStone Life Coaching Services
Location: Seattle,  WA 
Specialty: Job and career transition; career development; life balance; youth coaching.
Almeda Discount: I will offer alumni of Almeda University a free introductory session *and* one hour intake (orientation) session.

Signature, Inc.
Location: Ann Arbor,  MI
Specialty: Career, executive and business coach.
Almeda Discount: Almeda University graduate discount = 10%

Coach Chang
Location: Belmont,  CA  94002
Specialty: Executive and Manager Coach - Small Business Owner and Entrepeneur Coach - Career Coach especially for Professionals - Non-Profit Organizational Coach - Career Transition coach
Almeda Discount: Discount for quarterly fee payment - $750 per quarter. Initial consultation/coaching session free

Leaps & Bounds: Pathways to Success
Location: Richboro,  PA
Specialty: I love working with people to build self-confidence. I move clients into action to create the life they deserve with greater ease and clarity. People in transition, changing careers and wanting to improve relationship and communication skills are my specialties. I am a Certified Comprehensive Coach with a Masters Degree in the communication field.  Work on tomorrow today! It is time to live the life you love.
Almeda Discount: Almeda graduates can take advantage of TWO free initial, no obligation sessions and $200/month fee for the first three months (then $300/month).
Wilmax Coaching & Consulting
Location:  Timonium,  MD
Specialty: people in career transition
management and leadership development for corporate executives
career development for nonprofit executives
Almeda Discount: 10% discount to Alumni of Almeda University
Personal Growth Systems
Location: Wayne, PA 
Specialty: People who want to pinpoint and profit from their passion;
People creating more compelling lives. People exploring career options (college students just starting out). People navigating turbulent corporate politics. People who want to build rewarding relationships.
People who want to develop confidence, self-esteem, courage, and focus.
Almeda Discount:  $250 - $500 for three sessions per month.
Ten percent discount or extra session per month.

Lisa D. Morrison, Career, Personal and Small Business Coaching
Location: Oakland,  CA  94618
Specialty: Adults in career transition (primarily people in their 30's, 40's and 50's), individuals seeking to "reinvent" themselves professionally and pursue/explore a totally different career path, people in mid-life career and life transitions, people who have had negative work/workplace experiences and are looking for new ways to work and live, those transitioning into new positions/jobs, people considering self-employment or small business ownership, people seeking balance between their work and home lives, those seeking assistance in redesigning their current work situation, individuals transitioning from a large corporate environment to a small business and vice versa, people looking for support around job, career or workplace issues and are looking for an approach other than that offered by a traditional career counselor.
Almeda Discount: I am willing to offer career and personal coaching to Almeda graduates and at rate of $200 for 4 sessions, $150 for 3 sessions, assuming 30 minute sessions. Longer sessions are available at a prorated amount. I currently offer all prospective clients a free 30 minute telephone consultation.
Edward A. Dreyfus, Ph.D.
Specialty: people in career transition; people who wish to maximize their potential; people wanting to gain more balance in their lives; people wanting to choose a satisfying career; those with an entrepreneurial spirit
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Almeda Discount: 15% discount.
The Leadership Group International
Specialty: Career transitions; leadership development; career guidance and counseling; team coaching; entrepreneurship; personal guidance and counseling
Location: Lancaster, OH
Almeda Discount: Almeda graduates would receive first session free, then a 10% discount on long term agreements of two months or more.
Success Coaching for Women
Location: Folsom Ca
Specialty: Business Coaching, Finding Balance Between Work and Home, Success Coaching, Succession Planning, Career Change and Transition, Finding Employment
Almeda Discount: I can off two free 30 minute session and 20% off.
Collins Coaching, LLC
Location: MadisonWI
Specialty: I provide all types of career coaching. I have had 27 years of experience in advising and coaching--through my own coaching business, as well as in both the public and private sectors and in both large and small organizations. I have coached/advised a wide variety of people, including students, business owners, financial professionals, technology professionals, engineers, lawyers. scientists, trainers, athletes, nurses, nurses, doctors, teachers, professors, secretaries, paraprofessionals, construction workers, politicians, executives in the corporate arena and in government, administrative assistants, artists, managers and entrepreneurs.
Almeda Discount: I will offer a 10% discount to the graduates of Almeda University.
CareerTeam Partners
Location: New York,  NY  10023
Specialty: Individuals in mid-career looking either to explore other functions, industries or both; Managers looking for assistance through executive coaching in being more effective in their current job situations; executives looking for guidance and strategy in starting their own businesses, people re-entering the workplace after absences
Almeda Discount: We can offer a 10 percent discount on sessions.
Academic Coach
Location: Columbia, MD
Specialty: career transition — displaced homemakers — generation x — creative types — small business start-up
Almeda Discount: Free consultation 
CRT Consulting Services
Location: Cambridge, MA 
Specialty: - career transition - workplace problem intervention - re-entering the workforce - dealing with difficult bosses - exploring your career options
- navigating the politics of the workplace - responding productively to criticism and feedback - managing the review process - women at work and in transition - non-traditional workers and the workplace - learning business communication skills
Almeda Discount: Free introductory session and $75/hr. Free Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test with first paid session.
RPM Success Group
Location: Kaaawa,  HI 
Specialty:Administering Assessments to discover a person's passion in relation to a career. Coaching people toward finding their perfect career / business to pursue.Matching people and their behavioral strengths, interests and values to a career that would be most fulfilling and rewarding. Coaching Women Business Owners.People in Career Transition.
Almeda Discount: First session completely FREE & 50% discount on career assessments. 
eWard Associates LLC
Location: Brooklyn NY
specialty: -People in career transition, entry level workers and supervisors, mentoring entry and mid level executives for upper leadership and management positions. Preparing 17-21 year olds for the job market. In additional business communications and addiction prevention education and counseling.
Almeda Discount: Free consultation and I can give aa 10% discount of $150 to individual students. I will even provide a free teleclass. 

Personal Coaching Services
Location: Bloomington  IL
Specialty:My mission would be to help the client to create a life that he/she truly desires based upon a deep sense of purpose. I counsel with people who are going through career and life transitions. For career planning, I use John Holland's Self-Directed Search (SDS) to help client's determine which occupation he/she is best suited for. In brief, I assess the client's skills and abilities, motivations, interests, values, experience, and accomplishments, in order to connect him with the right occupation. In addition, I counsel clients who are experiencing emotional blocks to making a career choice, such as, depression, anxiety, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of change, and perfectionism.
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Veteran Crisis Line for Mental Health related illnesses and concerns for family and friends

DCoE Outreach Center*: The Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE) runs a resource center that provides information and resources about psychological health (PH), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and traumatic brain injury (TBI). The center can be contacted 24/7 by phone at 866-966-1020, by e-mail at, or you can also go to DCoE Outreach Center

Look, yourloved ones have served our country. Now it's time for our country to serve them. VA is here for our Veterans. -Vincent Covert, U.S. Navy, 1973-1975

VA is here for the people who support our Veterans.

Whether you’re a Veteran’s spouse, child, parent, sibling, grandparent, friend, or caregiver, the Veterans Crisis Line is here for you. If you are concerned about the safety and well-being of a Veteran, stand by them. Call 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1, chat online, or send a text message to 838255 to receive free, confidential support from an experienced, caring U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs responder.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has launched a new hotline — 1-855-VA-WOMEN — to receive and respond to questions from Veterans, their families and caregivers about the many VA services and resources available to women Veterans.
The hotline is staffed by knowledgeable VA employees who can provide information about benefits including health care services for women. Callers can be linked to information on claims, education or health care appointments as well as information about VA cemeteries and memorial benefits. Staff can answer urgent questions and provide referrals to homeless and mental health services as well as provide Vet Center information.

Women Using VA Health Care Doubled Since 2000

Women make up nearly 15 percent of today’s active duty military and 18 percent of National Guard and Reserve forces. The population of women Veterans using VA benefits including health care is growing rapidly. Since 2000, the number of women using VA health care more than doubled, from 160,000 in 2000 to more than 354,000 in 2012. Based on the upward trend of women serving in all branches of service, the number of women Veterans — female VA users — will keep climbing.
 We need to correct…misperceptions so we can provide more women Veterans with…benefits… 
VA is committed to making improvements for the growing population of women Veterans, including the way it communicates with them. In 2010, VA established an outbound call center to contact women Veterans and encourage them to enroll in VA health care.
“In VA health care alone, women constitute only 6 percent of VA patients, but those Veterans have a high perception of the quality care they are receiving,” said Irene Trowell-Harris, director of VA’s Center for Women Veterans.
“Many women who served don’t self-identify as Veterans and therefore don’t think they qualify for VA benefits. We need to correct existing misinformation and misperceptions so we can provide more women Veterans with the benefits they’ve earned.”

Women Veterans Eligible for Many Benefits

Women Veterans are entitled to apply for the same benefits as their male counterparts, which include health care and pharmacy benefits as well as education benefits, disability compensation, home loans, employment assistance and more.
“Some women Veterans may not know about high-quality VA care and services available to them,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “The hotline will allow us to field their questions and provide critical information about the latest enhancements in VA services.”
The hotline (1-855-VA-WOMEN) joins numerous other VA hotlines that provide critical information and assistance to Veterans, such as those for Veterans in crisis and in danger of becoming homeless. Veterans can also receive information and apply for benefits online at VA’s and manage their health care at
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Homeless Veterans or anyone concerned about one can also call or use online chat to reach the Veterans Crisis Line and get free, 24/7 support for any personal crisis. Responders are trained to work with homeless Veterans and connect them to resources in their area.
The National Call Center for Homeless Veterans provides assistance to homeless Veterans and their families; VA Medical Centers; Federal, state, and local partners; community agencies; Veterans services providers; and others in the community. If you or someone you know is a homeless Veteran in need of help, call 1-877-4AID VET (1-877-424-3838) to receive free, confidential support from a trained, VA staff member 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also get confidential support from the Homeless Veterans Chat.